Java Heat

Friday, 18 October 2013

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★★★★★★★★★★ 4/10 | Release Date 2013 | Running time 103 Minutes

This is one of the movie that i'm kind of interested to watch, not because the trailer shows an awesome intriguing storyline or unexpected action scene, but because the setting is in Indonesia and, a big name like Mickey Rourke are in it. So then i play the movie and ride along with it. As usual shit happen with western goes to Asian country to fight a terrorist, cliche. This one tells about a kidnaped princess, etc etc.

The lead protagonist played by an underdog actor Kellan Lutz (who appeared in Twilight, eww. How did i know that? I don't even--) played as an FBI agent or something accompanied by Indonesian Police officer who tag along with him, who also have a very corny english accent (either purposely or not, i don't know). There's some quite awesome action scene though, like the one Kellan does with the motorcycle, but overall it's just so so or almost bad. The script and the acting is just so corny and cheesy i can make cheesburger and popcorn with it. If not for the setting and some nice showcase of how they display the scenery so good, i probably not going to watch this shit.