Benedict Cumberbatch and Saoirse Ronan Casting Rumors for J.J. Abrams's new Star Wars Trilogy

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Casting rumors, or, ahem, gossip, well since when did i write gossip? Dammit i start a gossip blog did i? So Benedict Cucumber, erm, or the Cucumber dude, whatever. Anyway this Cucumber dude are the main villain in the second Abrams's Star Trek as Khan, and he is awesome on that movie, especially his voice, yes that strong husky dark sarcastic voice of him and that small (again) sarcastic eyes that made him a perfect actor to play a villainous character. The gossip said, or rumor has it, as Adele was saying, said that this Cucumber dude will play as a main villain in-not just one, but all three new Star Wars trilogy. Well i would't mind, he's awesome in Sherlock, he's also in The Hobbit Trilogy, voicing that big dragon Smaug. But the actor himself is still, kind of, denying it. Or maybe he prefer to be a lightsaber? As he just goes on with his husky voices; VOOOOOM here VOOOOOM there VOOOMMM, doesn't his voice resemble lightsaber sound? No? Alright, ok. I just can't wait for the lens flare Sherlock Sith red lightsaber force lightning action packed scene in this new trilogy.

As for Saoirse Ronan, i think she's ok as a Jedi, seeing her in Hanna showed me enough that she can do action, and recently she also played a cheesy sci-fi romance; The Host. But from what i read and heard, J.J. Abrams still searching and looking for a perfect candidate to play in the new trilogy. He might as well search the entire planet for it, or even moon, or.. Tatooine or something. Well i want to play in it, oh well who doesn't, really? This video below is definitely not the trailer of the new Star Wars, i hope you enjoyed watching it and thank you for reading, yeao!