Icona Pop - (self-titled)

Friday, 25 October 2013

★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10 | Running length 13 tracks | Running time 43:02

01 Sun Goes Down
02 I Love It
03 We Got the World
04 Downtown
05 Ready for the Weekend
06 Wanna B With Somebody
07 Good for You
08 Manners
09 Top Rated
10 Lovers to Friends
11 My Party
12 Nights Like This
13 Flashback

I heard their song the very first time when my friend on Germany told me about some cool kids a.k.a swag yolo faggit kids, driving in their cool car with "I Love It" pumped up on their car stereo surround system. They kind of annoy my friend there, so she gave me a link to the video so i can listen to it. It turn's out, that, it's, not, so, bad, at, all. In fact i love it. But this type of music is somewhat similar with bieber / minaj mainstream style of music that i condemned so much because of it's shallowness.

So listening to Icona is like a guilty pleasure to me that i enjoy every single track in this album including itunes bonus track "Heads Up". Despite the guilty pleasure, with the enjoyment they gave me to my ears, i have to give em 10 stars. Go on judge me anything yu all madafakin faggit, i don't care, i love it.