J.J. Abrams's Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

Friday, 8 November 2013

It's been a chaotic war between Trekkies and Star Wars fans. Especially about some issues on JJ Abrams's Star Trek and Star Wars. Since R2D2 cameo easter eggs appearance in all of his movie (including Star Trek). Even JJ himself admitted that he is a late Trekkies. When i watch the credit of JJ's Star Trek, guess what i found? The post production sound service are provided by Skywalker Sound of Lucasfilm! Then i listen to this movie Star Trek theme on the soundtrack album, and well, i would say, there's definitely some horn and strings that have such similar quality of sounds in Star Wars march on the beginning of every Star Wars movie.

Now, i would tell that JJ made me a new Trekkies also (like him), but in fact actually i just like JJ movies. I'm a fan of his movies, his mystery script, screenplay, and intense action scene plus the lens-flare! About Star Trek, any of his action scenes in Star Trek, no matter how much intense and awesomeness is in there, it will never top any of Lightsaber fight scene in Star Wars, and no matter how much i like JJ's Star Trek, i always find myself go back to Yoda, Obi-wan, and Lightsaber (Well to be precise, just look on this blog name! Anakin, my alliance is to the republic!).

The fans (including me too) are actually afraid that it will make both franchise somewhat look alike in visual. Also the rumors that Benedict Cumberbatch (this time i write it right, okayyy) will be main villain on the new Star Wars, but he already Khan in Star trek. Despite JJ's explanation about the differences of both franchise, that Star Trek is like the future version of our world, and Star Wars is more like a fairy tales space opera. Even Star Trek old movie actor are giving a green light about JJ doing Star Wars. Still, some Trekkies are offended about R2D2 on Star Trek movies, stating that JJ has a conflict interest within him. Well what do you think??